Trouble Library

Trouble Library

The Trouble Library is where all the information resides. In other words, it’s where you go when you wish to check whether or not there is something already written about your problem. You may not need any further help, or, more importantly, you may need to orientate by that section and the articles within it to figure out more precisely what is it that you want or need.

The Trouble Library is a long term project and, as time progresses, new articles are going to be added, with new information, so it’s always useful to take a peep, even if you don’t find what you’re looking for at the moment. You are always welcome to send an email with a question or a suggestion on what you wish to see.

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The Blog

The Blog is where the lighter articles are. Advice, observations and various other thematics from the perspective of anthropology…

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Anthropology Is Everywhere

Discover myth and tale, discuss material culture and superstitions, past and present life and cultures and more.

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 Trouble Library Sections –

Sex and Partnership (2 Articles; 3 Blog Entries)

Identity (1 Article; 2 Blog Entries)

Stress and Depression (1 Article)

Lifestyle (2 Blog Entries)

Latest Articles and Blog Entries –

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