Consultations For Individuals

Available Consultation Types and How They Work

There are several forms of consultation available to the individual client.

The first is the simple Question and Answer format, which involves you emailing a question with as many details on your problem as possible. Once you’ve sent your payment via Paypal, you will receive an Answer within 72 hours (subject to Terms & Conditions).
If you need an additional question answered in terms of the same problem, you can send a further question within 72 hours to receive more information.


The second is the Personal Consultation, where you arrange a chat session. You will need to email your request for the consultation and a time and day will be arranged for a Skype conversation. You can arrange for a 30 minutes or 1 hour conversation, and there is no limit to how many consultations you can have about the same problem, but every session is paid extra.


The third is the Consultation Programme. You can choose a pre-arranged consultation programme (or have one put together). If you feel that you would like to have a month’s worth of conversations, with the time and date being, say, 5 pm British (or East Coast) time each Tuesday, then we can arrange for that. The good thing about that way of doing consultations is that you can focus better, and it may also be cheaper than doing several personal consultations in a row.

How To Contact For A Consultation

All Questions And Answer Consultations should be sent to –

All Personal Consultations enquiries should be sent to –

All Consultation Programme enquiries should be sent to –

If you’re unsure about which consultation type is the most relevant, do not hesitate to just contact Culture Contact via the email address provided below. That service is free, and you will be answered as soon as possible.
Send your email to –

Don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions.

Costs of Consultations are listed here.