Consultations For Businesses

As each business has varied and distinct needs, Culture Contact offers a variety of consultation options, all of which can be tailored to the specific requirements of the client.
The key forms of consultations are as follows – Standard Consultations, Projects and Retainers.
All consultations are usually internet-based, but face-to-face consultations can be arranged if necessary.

Standard Consultation –

Flexible and designed for specific problem solving, the standard consultation is available to businesses that need to resolve a particular quandary. These can be arranged in the form of a question and report answer, a Skype chat or otherwise, according to the needs of the business and the most efficient way of solving their concern.
A business can organise a single or multiple consultations, however, it is generally advisable to keep in mind that, especially in the case of large international clients, a problem often enough cannot be solved within a single session.

Project –

The purpose of a project is to deal with a specific complex issue, the topic of which is to be determined between the client and Culture Contact. Research projects are also available.
All projects will require the client to be available for chat conferencing on short notice to provide optimal results, as well as regular dialogue to keep both sides updated on the relevant data and progress. Projects are generally longer lasting than standard consultations, but shorter than a retainer.

Retainer –

A retainer is the best option for companies and businesses serious about their consultations.
While standard consultations and projects are effective solutions to problems, retainers are designed for the ultimate flexibility and, as such, can combine standard consultations, projects and research. Having a retainer arranged means that the client will have a time reserved specifically for their consultations, unlike with a standard consultation where they would have to wait in line. Similarly, in the case of research retainers, the client reserves time for their specific research to be undertaken.
All retainers usually last up to a year, however a longer term can be arranged as needed.

Further information on each type of consultation and the option to discuss what would be the best plan for your business are available via email.
Terms and Conditions available on request.
Please note that all appointments must be made via email.