About For Businesses

Culture Contact uses a unique blend of anthropology and psychology in its approach for business clients. This approach enables anthropological interpretation through understanding both the psychological and anthropological influences within not just our cultural and social environment, but on a case to case basis.

The greatest forte of anthropology lies in interpretation – interpretation of society, culture, interpersonal relations (which are strongly connected with the two), behavioural shifts due to environmental changes are all just a facet of the wealth of information that can be gained with the help of an anthropologist.
Culture Contact goes a step further than conventional anthropology, with the use of that precise unique blend of anthropology and psychology, which enable me as a consultant to shed light on problems that others may dismiss, even though you, the client, know they exist. Unlike conventional anthropology, which often deems cultural and social structures and behaviour to be static, overarching entities, Culture Contact acknowledges them as created structures which shift constantly, thus ensuring awareness of behaviours otherwise often dismissed. The anthropsychological approach, since it bases on behavioural and social, cultural and religious cross-influence, is thus far more successful in tackling problems, and vastly more varied than most. Every business can benefit from anthropsychology, because the approach allows for a fully compatible consultation, tailored to suit the needs of the business in question – whether it about mergers, intercultural environment, contact with pressure groups, advocacy or even fantasy worlds for film industry.